Restrictions are in place to help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and save lives. See updates on our coronavirus response

Coronavirus & Our Struggles

Coronavirus has initiated critical changes in the world affecting the podium of academics the most. To ensure safety, we need to follow the standard operating procedure, very strictly. Let us pledge to fight the pandemic as a team.

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Everyday Precautionary Measures To Resist Covid-19

Covid-19 Scholarship Program

We at California Meadow University understand the issues the world is facing due to the global pandemic caused by Coronavirus. Therefore, we have initiated the Covid-19 Scholarship program and providing you support with your tuition fees so that your academic journey can be sustained and continued.

Concession in Tuition Fees Due To COVID-19

As the financial issues have been intensified by this global pandemic, California Meadow University has decided to reduce tuition fees to make it more convenient for students. This way students can achieve a stress-free education. We understand these times are challenging for all of us. World have long been suffered by the global pandemic Covid-19. Higher education commission at CMU is making efforts to overcome the financial crisis that students face during their academic journey.

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