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We have designed a financial aid program for all those passionate students who want to earn knowledge but face economic issues! California Meadow University ensures the growth of our academic institute by providing maximum ease to all our students!


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The Financial Aid Programs at CMU

  • The California Meadow University, understanding the need for education and money side by side, offers a financial aid program for eligible low-income students.
  • At California Meadow University, we also provide a merit-based financial aid program for the academic ease of our students. It is rewarded to the students in the form of scholarships or merit awards.
  • We also provide a chance to our students to carry out their educational expenses on their own. They can easily avail of loans through our student loans and employment programs, manage their studies, and work simultaneously
  • The summer aid program is part of our financial aid programs of CMU, enables the students to go for summer courses according to their feasibility.

Your Trust In CMU

At California Meadow University, we offer a lot of financial aid programs to provide maximum ease to our students. We meet certain criteria for your financial and academic needs. Our financial aid program packages are created upon merit, grant gifts scholarship, and student employment. We also provide an option of academic loans to the students.

Covid-19 Program

The pandemic situation of Covid-19 has affected every aspect of life severely. We all have been hit with a severe crisis since the start of the year 2020. The spread is not easy to control, and everyone needs to be very careful. CMU has also introduced a relevant switch in its policies to frame according to the world's amendments to avoid the spread of this deadly virus.

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