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The foundation of California Meadow University is supported by the principle of unbiasedness. We strictly aim to provide higher-quality education to our students. CMU doesn’t believe in being partial, based on religion, race, nationality, and culture. We believe in equality!

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International Candidates

We intend to equally educate all the students, providing them excellent academic experience nationally and internationally. We warmly welcome the over-sea applicants here at California Meadow University to benefit from our accredited and self-paced curriculum designed for the brighter future of the students. Here we motivate our students to pursue their passion to the fullest.

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International Student Support Services

  • California Meadow University is an institute developed to deliver quality education for all international and domestic students. We aim to provide complete assistance and support to all the students that enroll at CMU. Our students get a chance to make way towards their healthier future seamlessly.
  • California Meadow University organizes an orientation for all those that enter the premises for the very first time. We aim and make sure to introduce our students to the customs of our institute. We help our students in making their first-day experience splendid and memorable.
  • To make our international badge of students feel comfortable, California Meadow University provides constant assistance to them. Our students can easily get in touch with academic advisors to resolve any kind of query they have. We aim to guide you at every step you take at CMU.
  • Need assistance regarding career counseling? We have career experts to help you go through the entire thing smoothly. Our career representative is available there to guide you towards your ideal profession according to your capabilities and aptitudes. Get help and get the right career advice.

Activities For International Students At CMU!

Meet. Greet. Proceed

The new batch get themselves introduced to the staff and other students

Intro Week

Enjoy your first week by getting yourself familiarized with the online learning environment.

Global Academic Week

Promoting the importance of a degree and how it helps students to grow professionally.

Annual Scholarship And Job Fair

Acquire complete information regarding scholarships and jobs by meeting our representative.

Merit Scholarships

California Meadow University has planned valuable merit scholarships and grants for the students. We welcome the first-year students to try their luck and figure out whether they are eligible for the same or not! In case of your selection, you will be informed about the further process.

Online Study Experience

California Meadow University supports, favors, and promotes virtual education and self-paced programs. We highly aim to make learning and working manageble for our students.

California Meadow University International Center

The California Meadow warmly welcomes enrollment applications from all over the world. Complete information regarding academic programs is accessible on our official website.

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