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The end of every academic term calls for a celebration for every student whether graduates & undergraduate. The graduates of California Meadow University are excited as they have earned their degrees. We are to reveal that almost 1500+ students have completed their graduation at CMU. Most of them had already been appointed by some reputed organization a higher position.

During the celebration, our Dean delivered a few words to the students which are “I wish a very prosperous future to the students graduating from California Meadow University. It is our pride that we got a chance to nurture such a talented badge.” “I wish all the Graduates the best of luck for their future.” He further added.

All the students that have completed their graduation will get the relevant documentation through the university's online portal. We warmly welcome every student to take career advice & help from our expert and experienced career counselors. We will keep you updated regarding all the latest & rewarding job opportunities. Our students are most welcome to approach us anytime for career development and professional guidance.

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