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Associate Degree (any professional school)

At California Meadow University, we offer an associate degree program in any specific professional school that can be completed in only 2 years. Students can have a long list of online academic schools from which they can select their desired school. If you want to enhance your education and extend career opportunities, our associate degree program can be a stepping stone towards achieving advanced knowledge in minimal time at an affordable range. Our faculty focuses individually on each student to make quality education convenient to all.

What Do You
Want To Be?

Find and choose the study area in which you want to build your professional career.


A range of scholarship programs at CMU can be availed by those who deserve.

  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Credit Hours
  • Total Courses
  • Program Duration
  • Program Fees
  • High School Diploma, GED Or Equiv. International Education

  • 96

  • 16

  • 1 Year (Self-Paced) Program

  • $9,600

Connect With Industry

Create your personal profile and expand your professional network with CMU affiliated organizations.

Acknowledged & Accredited

CMU is globally acknowledged and accredited by several regional and international organizations.

97% Employment Rate

Many of students get successfully employed through our career center opportunity while completing graduation.

Admission Criteria For International Students

Excellent command of the English language with fluency in speech is a must for all the students willing to get enrolled at CMU.

Students must have an impressive academic record, making them a perfect fit for the eligibility criteria of the California Meadow University.

Students should carry at least one recommendation letter from the faculty members of their previous educational institute.

Students are free to select their interdisciplinary field from the various programs and courses we offer.

Students are strictly advised to go through the fee structure to lead a stress-free educational journey.

Why Prefer CMU?

Premium Quality Education

Delivering premium quality education to students along with completing all the essential international measures.

Self-Managed Programs

Enabling working students to set their timings according to their feasibility to balance study and work easily.

Intense Learning

CMU deliberately concentrates on the standard of academic knowledge given to students to make them future professionals.

Inexpensive Education

We understand your financial issues thereby delivering you quality education on a reasonable budget.

Online Payment Benefit

Pay your fee online from any place to CMU and enjoy a smooth experience of education.

No Fixed Deadlines

Students at CMU experience freedom in submitting their assignments without any fixed deadline.

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